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What is an Obituary?


An obituary is a notice that announces the death of someone with a description of the person's life, accomplishments, passions, and conveys the person’s personality.  It also lists the family members and should be written as an accurate document.  Family members should not be excluded because of personal likes or dislikes.


 Have someone else proofread the obituary and have a family member check over spellings of names and make sure everyone has been included.


Below is an Obituary template that can be used to help you write an obituary.  Remember that there is no right or wrong way to write one as long as you information is accurate.


Sample general Obituary guide that can be used to write an obituary.

Paragraphs can be added or deleted based on your style.


Paragraph 1:  List Full Name, Nickname if any, Date and Place of Birth and Death.  Cause of Death is optional.  Name of parents.

Paragraph 2:  Give a brief biographical history, including the schools that were attended.

Paragraph 3:  List employment history, special awards, and accomplishments. 

Paragraph 4:  List information about Church or Religious Affiliations, clubs and organizations that the deceased was a part of.  You can also elaborate on hobbies and interests.

Paragraph 5:  Give information about his/her personality, quirks, funny stories, etc.

Paragraph 6:  List any charities and donations that can be give on behalf of the deceased in lieu of flowers

Paragraph 7:  List surviving family, other relatives and friends.  Note, regardless of family situation or fondness of family members the obituary should include accurate information for historical purposes and not exclude anyone for personal reasons.

While there are many ways to write an obituary, there are no set rules to follow.  View samples of previous obituaries and find a style that fits the deceased and would make them proud.


We offer an Obituary writing service for those who find it too hard to write during your grieving.  We can assist from start to finish.  Please contact an account manager by calling 240 339-1720.


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Obituary Guide
A Guide to help write the Obituary of the one you love.
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